Elevating Early Childhood

Preschool Behavior Management Best Practices (Part 1)

Episode Summary

What if teaching kids to behave in the classroom wasn't about controlling their behavior, but instead about teaching them the skills they need to express their feelings and emotions? This is what I discuss today, so tune in now!

Episode Notes

Here is a question I get all the time from my listeners: "Help, my kids are out of control! What can I do?"

Now this is something every early childhood teacher has had to deal with in their career. 

It's no secret that young children are not all angels. It's normal, they're kids, and they don't have as much impulse control as we do. 

Plus, they're at that age when they're starting to feel like their own person and want to express themselves.

So, how do you make them behave in the classroom?

Well, what if teaching kids to behave wasn't about controlling their behavior, but instead about teaching them the skills they need to express their feelings and emotions?

This is exactly what I discuss in today's episode of Elevating Early Childhood, so, if this sounds like your cup of tea (and I know it does), tune in now!


Key Takeaways:

What is our goal with behavior in the classroom? (00:00)

Sharing one of your emails (02:18)

Behavior charts (03:45)

A story about Kevin (04:37)

Answering my listener's question (09:15)

Another quick story (12:07)

The importance of teaching the right skills (16:20)

Tip #1: Communicate (18:36)

Tip #2: Teach (20:16)

Tip #3: Differentiate (22:57)

What if your administrator mandates the use of a behavior chart? (24:12)

Peer pressure (26:03)


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